Centre for Effective and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure (CESTI) is a project aimed at elimination of deficiencies in today's transport infrastructure. The main objectives of the project are:

• C1 Technological solutions for resilient, long-lasting structures of transport infrastructure based on performance prediction and modeling, including the possibility of in-situ diagnostics.

• C2 Advanced solutions for cheaper, reliable and fast construction of new transport structures with prescribed service life.

• C3 Full recyclable road and railway structures, utilization of energetic by-products.

• C4 Life Cycle Cost Engineering with focus on sustainability of construction and development of scenarios for long-term maintenance of key structures of transport infrastructure.

• C5 Development of structural, technological and management solutions for safe transport infrastructure aiming at minimization of risk of injuries of workers and users during construction and operation of transport infrastructure.

• C6 Cultivation of environment for broader implementation of Building Information Management in the area of transport infrastructure. Preparation of systematic solutions for BIM implementation.

• C7 Preparation for construction of high-speed railway tracks with the emphasis on railway switches and bridges.

• C8 Guidelines and technologies for suitable decisions on effective rehabilitation of existing bridges.

• C9 Progressive designs, processes and efficient materials for tunnel lining, excavation in individual tunneling methods, tunnel pavements and ballastless track systems in railway tunnels.

• C10 Environmental characterization, methodologies and LCA for air, water & noise pollution

• C11 Innovative solutions of noise reducing road and railway structures.

• C12 Complex systems for continual monitoring of transport infrastructure objects including progressive non-destructive diagnostic methods.